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Notice on Launching Technology Collection Activity for the Technology Pool of Green "Belt and Road Initiative" in 2020
Date: 01-10-2020

All relevant units,

In order to promote the exchange of environmental protection technologies and industrial cooperation between countries along the "Belt and Road", popularize the application of advanced and practical environmental protection technologies at home and abroad, serve the construction of the green "belt and road initiative" and fight against pollution, under the guidance of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center(FECO) has built a technology pool for the green "belt and road initiative" (hereinafter referred to as the "technology pool").

Relevant units are now invited to support and participate in the Technology Collection Activity for the Technology Pool of Green "Belt and Road Initiative" in 2020 organized by FECO and CAEPI. This activity is intended to collect outstanding environmental protection technologies in the fields of air, water and soil pollution prevention, solid waste disposal, and environmental monitoring from home and abroad according to the demand of the countries along "the belt and road" to jointly improve environmental quality, and to organize experts to comprehensively identify the advanced nature, practicability, economy and maturity degree of the technology and the service capability of the enterprises. The identified technologies will be formally collected into the technology pool, released on the BRI Environmental Big Data Platform.

Please refer to the annexes for detailed technology declaration scheme and evaluation criteria.

Contact Person: Mr. Kong De; Mr. Fei Weiliang 86-10-82268942/8791





  Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center

  China Association of Environmental Protection Industry


List of Supporters.docx

Technology Declaration Scheme for the Technology Pool of Green Belt and Road Initiative” in 2020.docx

Technology Evaluation Criteria for the Technology Pool of Green “Belt and Road Initiative”.docx
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