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FECO Held the 2016 Commendation and Annual Meeting
Date: 03-03-2016

Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) held the 2016 Commendation and Annual Meeting on February 2, 2016. Li Haisheng, Director of International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), and Ren Yong, Deputy Director of Human Resources Management Department of MEP attended the conference and delivered speeches.

Director Chen Liang chaired the conference. At the outset, he conveyed important instructions given by Minister Chen Jining that “In 2015, FECO has done tremendous work in accordance with core tasks of MEP and has achieved positive results. It is expected that in the coming year FECO make new contributions to achieve environmental quality improvement.” Director Li Haisheng transmitted Deputy Minister Li Ganjie’s greetings to all the staff in FECO, his affirmation of the achievements in 2015 as well as instructions for work in 2016. Director Chen Liang pointed out that the important instructions from Minister Chen Jining and Deputy Minister Li Ganjie were not only affirmation of and encouragement but also expectation and urge. We should study in real earnest and thoroughly implement the new and higher goals of FECO’s work in carrying out international communication and cooperation as well as implementation work focusing improving environmental quality and complementing the short plank of ecological environment.

On behalf of FECO’s leading group, Director Chen Liang reported FECO’s progress in 2015. He said that FECO had been focusing on the improvement of environmental quality all through the year, carefully putting into practice the spirit of the 2015 National Work Conference on Environmental Protection, deploying according to “Innovation Implementation Year” and “Party Member Dedication Year”, using innovation to promote implementation, embodying achievement in implementation, developing in innovation, innovating in development, consolidating and enlarging the functional orientation of “One Main Three Minors”, fully implementing its “mission, goal, orientation, idea, strategy”, and making positive contribution to the core jobs of the Ministry. It has successfully completed various key jobs, and its net revenue has enjoyed sustained growth for five years in a row. It has been selected as advanced collective in Ministry of Environmental Protection, and its party committee has been awarded the honorable title of 2012-2015 advanced party committees among the line ministries. FECO has made its due contributions to environmental protection, foreign cooperation, and has served the construction of ecological civilization.

Firstly, focusing on the improvement of environmental quality, it has served the central task of environmental protection. It has spared no effort to construct the International Platform for Environmental Technology (3iPET), with extensive bases at home and abroad and strategic cooperative partnerships being established, and the passage of communication and cooperation being opened up around the key work of pollution control. The design concept of the platform has been highly appraised by Minister Chen Jining. In coordinating haze control and coal-generated emissions reduction, FECO has raised international fund to start demonstration projects of air source heat pump technology replacing coal heating. Among a dozen of site selected for demonstration, the demonstration projects in Beijing and Tianjian have achieved good results and provided experience for reducing coal-generated emissions and controlling air pollution. FECO has been successfully approved as National Implementing Entity (NIE) of GEF, which makes FECO one of the 18 NIEs of GEF and the only one in China. It has also submitted applications for certification of implementing entity of the global GCF. FECO has promoted the construction of environmental protection investment and financing platform, held the “China-Japan-South Korea Green Finance Seminar”, propelled Chongqing’s setting up the first equity investment fund of local environmental protection industry and played a positive role in establishing equity investment fund of environmental protection industry at the national level. It has held symposium and photo exhibition on implementation of the new environmental protection law, symposium on the modification of the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Law, and international exchange and cooperation conference on the ten-measure action plan to tackle water pollution, thus providing support for modification and implementation of the new environmental protection law, as well as the laws and regulations of water, air and earth. As one of the four pilot ministries and commissions which compile textbooks for civil servant training in China National School of Administration, FECO has collaborated with China National School of Administration on the compiling of the Textbook of National Environmental Protection Policies, with Minister Chen Jining and Mr. Ma Jiantang, executive vice president of China National School of Administration, as co-editors, and Deputy Minister Li Ganjie as executive editor. FECO has strengthened the ability construction of Secretariat of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, and given strong backing to Secretariat’s enlarging and strengthening, as well as its building new and high-end think tank.

Secondly, significant progress has been made in implementing international environmental conventions. In the respect of implementing the Montreal Protocol, the first phase of eliminating HCFC has come to an end, and the preparation work for the second phase has been developing smoothly. More than 98 percent of the eliminating task of the first phase has been fulfilled, and the work of preparation, organization and negotiation of many international conferences has been completed. After hard negotiations, the executive committee of Multilateral Fund has approved 89.47 million dollars in total in annual funding program for all industries of our country. Data investigation of HFCs as well as strategic research of national and industrial management and control has been conducted. ODS management has been strengthened. The commemoration meeting of 30th anniversary of the conclusion of Vienna Convention and 16 September International Ozone Layer Protection Day was successfully held. Minister Chen Jining attended the meeting and gave speeches. The meeting has exerted extensive, positive and persistent influence both at home and abroad. In the respect of implementing the Stockholm Convention, the renewal of implementation plan has been comprehensively propelled, and the first draft of national implementation plan has been completed. The additional POPs economic and social impacts and environmental risk have been carefully evaluated, and the draft which would be submitted to the State Council for approval has been finished after accepting the amendment. Dioxin emission intensity in three industries has decreased by more than 15 percent, and hundreds of waste sites which are above the point of 50,000 tons and contained pesticide and PCB wastes have been disposed. The production, use, import and export of 17 kinds of POPs have been totally banned, and 2015 statistics of POPs have been made. PFOS — the national project of POPs with the biggest amount of money involved in the world, has been approved. The total amounts of money were 169 million dollars, with a 26.73 million-dollar donation. The participating task of the 7th Conference of the parties has been completed, and exhibition and unilateral meeting have been held and have obtained widespread high praise. In the respect of implementing Convention of Biological Diversity, the commemoration meeting for 22, May International Day for Biological Diversity has been successfully held, and the 2015 version of Catalogue of Life China and Redlist of China’s Biodiversity have been released. Theme exhibitions have also been held. FECO has been the co-organizer of the 2015 Gui Yang Ecological Civilization International Forum and the “Biodiversity and Greeen Development” theme forum. It has also held promotion campaign for the “Six Ones” of China Action Plan for 10-year UN Biodiversity Project. It has taken lead in providing suggestions for negotiation strategy and implementation plan for important issues of the convention, and has provided technical support for feasibility research of holding Conference of the Parties, information exchange among the parties of the convention, and the issuing of the bulletins. Projects have been constructed based on such work as the construction of national park. China reserve management reform program GEF, whose development was led by our ministry, has been approved, with a 21 million-dollar program funding. In the respect of providing technical support for implementing the convention concerning mercury, request for ratification and relevant presentation of condition and background material have been drafted. FECO has responded the Convention Secretariat’s advice of implementing relevant articles of the convention and modifying the guide rule of atmospheric mercury pollution control. It has provided technical support for attending mercury convention negotiation. It has carried out research about economic policy on mercury pollution control, provided support for a series of technical norms. The biggest demonstration project in mercury area — VCM project has been approved. The total amounts of the project funding were 115.8 million dollars, with a 16.2 million-dollar donation. FECO has promoted the construction of implementation coordination mechanism, and the construction of the two platforms — platform of management and policy support as well as platform of personnel training and international communication. The implementation of mercury in mercury engineering center has also been promoted.

Thirdly, bilateral and multilateral cooperation have been integrated and optimized. The department of bilateral and multilateral communication and cooperation, as well as the department of international exchange and cooperation of environmental protection technique has been built. In the respect of bilateral cooperation, the area of technical support and service has been increased to 13 countries, the cooperation with such traditional countries as Germany and Italy has been steadily promoted, and the cooperation with America, France, and Denmark has been actively expanded. As for multilateral cooperation, FECO has tried hard to consolidate and establish new framework of cooperation with international financial organizations. It continued to build the China and Italy branding training program—the training of environmental management and sustainable development. The bilateral and multilateral cooperative projects have been steadily promoted around such environmental protection key tasks as atmospheric pollution management and integrated management of environmental health, water resource and water environment.

Fourthly, global environmental policy research and technical supporting capacity continue to strengthen. FECO has taken lead in drawing up part of implementation content in the 13th Five Year Plan of international cooperation in environmental protection. It has sorted out the experience of FECO’s achievements in treating water, air, earth, ecological, and international environmental problems since 2009, and has compiled them in book which was planned to be officially published. Under the instruction of Minister Chen Jining, the cases of PX construction and management in America, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Germany have been compiled. The International Environmental Dynamics and FECO News Report have been carefully compiled and released, and relevant research projects have been done. FECO has taken an active part in the preparation for 2016 China Administration Management International Seminar.

Fifthly, international consultation service has made enormous progress. The qualification of DOE at national level and in Beijing in examining and approving project of volunteer reduction in greenhouse gas emission has been made good use of. FECO has actively undertaken 81 (CCER) projects of volunteer reduction in greenhouse gas emission in 7 areas. Business space of carbon emission has been expanded. Environmental consulting for foreign invested enterprises has been strengthened in all-round manner and relevant projects have gone smoothly. The strategic cooperation agreement with Citic Mining has been signed, and the foreign-related environmental consulting project has been signed with China Development Bank. The 2014 Performance evaluation in our ministry of 3 integration projects have been completed, with an approximately 126 million-yuan project fund.

Sixth, internal management level and self-construction have fully upgraded. The procedures of democratic decision-making have been strengthened, and the “Three Importance and One Greatness” policy-making system has been implemented. Director Office Meeting has been held for 17 times all through the year for the discussion and grasping of major issues. The internal organization structuring has been optimized, with 2 departments reorganized, one department newly set up, and 11 talents openly selected and recruited. Financial supervision has been strengthened, and every audit work has been actively cooperated with. The supervision of contract purchasing has also been strengthened, and such administrative regulations as Administrative Method of Major Project’s On-site Inspection have been released. 423 project agreements have been signed, with a fund of 370 million yuan. The work of parties, leagues, workers, teenagers and women have made fresh progress. Special subject education of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” has been carefully developed, and central group studying has been organized for 19 times. The environmental protection culture of valuing good conduct, observing discipline, shouldering responsibility and being capable of outstanding achievements, and the FECO culture of being “united?enacion?open?enterprising?harmonious?progressive” have been vigorously promoted.

Seventh, construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government has been fully strengthened. The education of clean policies has been truly promoted. FECO has organized the learning of the spirit of the fifth and sixth sessions of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection as well as important documents, and the enforcement regulation of FECO’s entity responsibility in implementing construction of clean government has been revised. According to relevant requirements for inspection and rectification, 11 rectification measures have been formulated around problems of three aspects. The eight point code and the education practice rectification measures have been consistently carried out. None of the prominent problems of illegal charges and competing with the people has been discovered. Requirements for running the Party strictly have been fully implemented, and publicity of major events beforehand has been promoted in various ways. The opening of the party affairs has been kept as normality. Project purchasing evaluation has been carried out according to regulations, and the responsibility for discipline inspection and supervision of bid evaluation and bid opening procedures has been carried out. The opinions and reports of the masses have been treated with great attention. A real name reporting and an anonymous reporting concerning the projects have been received in FECO discipline inspection mail address and have been verified following procedures. Regulations such as “eight dos” have been consistently implemented, and at present no cases of violating the regulations concerning running the party strictly has been found in FECO.

Director Chen Liang pointed out that after several years of innovation and exploration, FECO has made some progress and achievements in transformation development. But it also has some defects and shortcomings. First, just as Minister Chen Jining has pointed out, doing one’s own work, self-talking, complaining, fighting alone, delaying, relying on, demanding, acting negatively, being afraid of taking on responsibility, welcoming nice work, avoiding hard work, procrastinating, dawdling along, making easy things difficult, dragging ordinary work into rush work, which at present exist in environmental protection system, exists in FECO to the different extent. Second, implementation of the important instruction of “Six Highlights” given by Minister Chen Jining to FECO’s development thought and direction is far from being thorough. The contents of the “Six Highlights” are: highlight the principle line of improving environmental quality, highlight FECO’s character of “Foreign”, highlight its service to “Go Out Policy”, highlight “bottom line” thinking and risk control, highlight team construction, and highlight achievement-making in policy research. According to the requirements of the central government’s “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” and the requirements of Ministry’s Party group to keep up with the central government, gaps still exist in quality, level, ability, and style of work in FECO. The cases of being contented with an easy life and resting on one’s laurel exist in FECO to some degree. Forth, under the severe environmental situation, the spiritual state, working method, and thinking method of cadres and workers in FECO still remain to improve. With improving environmental quality as the core, in the battle of complementing the short plank of ecological environment, as environmentalists, their consciousness of responsibility undertaking is far from enough.

Director Chen Liang emphasized, 2016 is the “Duty Fulfillment year” and the “Innovation and Breakthrough Year”, and the activity “Party Member Dedication Year” is carried on. The general thought of FECO’s work is : in accordance with the entire distribution of “Five-in-one” and the strategic layout of “Four Comprehensives”, implement the five ideas of development, carefully put into paractice the spirit of the 2016 National Work Conference on Environmental Protection, center on the improvement of environmental protection, transform method, increase working force, improve work style, serve to improve the environmental protection’s level of systematization, scientism, elaboration and informatization, take advantage of focusing on our own country and facing the international, build international business with global perspective, deepen the implementation of conventions, enlarge service platform, strengthen policy research, and improve the ability to serve the overall environmental situation. The objective of FECO work is: comprehensively enhance the ability to serve the improvement of environmental quality, firmly push forward the implementation of environmental conventions, promote the new growth of FECO’s economic benefit and consultation service revenue, put the global environmental policy research to a new stage, and make new progress in self-construction and party construction. With the instructions, Director Chen Liang called for all to brace up, shake the dust away, work with great drive, pay much attention to implementation, focus on the four tasks, and make new contributions in improving environmental quality and complementing the short plank of ecological environment.

First, in accordance of improving environmental quality, we should support and serve the key work of environmental protection. We should continue to forge the International Platform for Environmental Technology (3iPET), promote the completion of international environmental technology industrial park, and propel the intergrowth of green finance and environmental protection industry base. We should explore the experiment of transregional trade of emission rights around pollution discharge license system. We should cooperate with our Ministry and the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform in the preparation for 2016 China Administration Management International Seminar, compile the PX cases and the Textbook of Greenization cases, and support the Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development in building new and high-end think tank. We should publicize the achievements of our nation’s ecological civilization construction and environmental protection ideas through various channels, and collaborate in forging China Environmental International Media Center. And the NIE should be given full play to serve ecological and environmental protection work.

Second, we should deepen the implementation of international environmental conventions, carry forward the collaborative emission reduction with the implementation, and promote the improvement of environmental quality. We should support the cutting down and replacement of HCFCs and persistent organic pollutants, serve the work of National Council on China Biological Diversity, promote the granting of mercury convention, and construct implementation mechanism. We should support the participation of international conference and the negotiation, and organize promotional activities for 22 May International Day for Biological Diversity and the international seminar on implementation of mercury convention. Construction of implementation management ability should be strengthened.

Third, we should consolidate bilateral and multilateral platform for international cooperation. We should strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and serve the strategy of “Going Out” and “One Belt One Road”. With the grasp of such key work as China-German environmental protection industry forum, implementation of China-Italy environmental protection strategic cooperation agreement, and China-America environmental protection cooperation, we should enlarge and strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation and serve the central work of environmental protection.

Fourth, we should strengthen policy research, highlight self-construction, and exert ourselves to improve the level of political research, draw up special plan for political research, enhance our capacity of consultation and suggestion, and provide international experience for improving environmental quality and solving important and difficult environmental problems. And we should pay adequate attention to major project research.

Fifth, we should continue to open up new channels for international consultation service. We should give a full play to DOE, serve the environmental consultation work such as performance evaluation of financial fund and enterprises’ going out. We should make every endeavor to increase income and reduce expenditure.

Sixth, self-construction should be strengthened. We should continue to put into practice the “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, implement Party Constitution, Guiding Principles, and Rules. We should strengthen party conduct building and primary organization construction. FECO information construction should be vigorously strengthened. We should forge a cadre troop which value good conduct, observe discipline, take on responsibility, and are capable of outstanding achievements. And FECO’s material and spiritual culture of “Six Ones” should be carried forward.

Li Haisheng, director at International Division under the Ministry, extended his congratulations on FECO’s work achievements in 2015, and expressed his gratitude for FECO’s support and help to International Division. He hoped that FECO and International Division could enhance mutual communication, collaboration, and support with each other, and could be of the same family, of one mind, do the same thing, and have the same burst of energy.

Ren Yong, deputy director at Personnel Division under the Ministry, highly appreciated FECO’s work in 2015, informed of the latest progress of matters concerned FECO’s hanging out shingle and augmenting staff in the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, and showed his hope for FECO’s work in 2016.

Zhao Weijun, Party Secretary of FECO, read out the 2015 recognition decision. More than 200 people, including deputy director Fang Li and Xiao Xuezhi as well as all the cadres and workers, attended the conference.

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