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Research Team of FECO to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to carry out research on mercury catalyst use in CCM—VCM production enterprises
Date: 12-06-2018

In order to promote the realization of convention implementation target in 2020 in CCM-VCM industry, research on calcium carbide-method-vinyl chloride monomer (CCM-VCM) production enterprises and waste mercury catalyst recycling enterprises in Hohhot, Wuhai, Ordos, Baotou and other cities in Inner Mongolia was carried out by Li Yuan, Secretary of the Leading Party Member's Group, Deputy Director-general, with relevant staff with the Division of Mercury Convention Implementation from 6 to 9 in November, 2018.

The research group conducted research on VCM production enterprises and waste mercury catalyst recycling enterprises as Yihua Chemical LLC in Inner Mongolia, Sanlian Chemical Group, Dongxing Chemical LLC, Sea Level LLC in Polymer Industry in Baotou, Zhonggu Mining Industry LLC, Chenhongli Chemical Group LLC, Ordos Electric Power and Metallurgy Co., Ltd and Shenglong Earth Science and Technology LLC. Following the introduction from related staff, it was emphasized by Secretary Li Yuan that the leaders of enterprises should attach great importance to convention implementation targets of 2020, strengthen the whole-process monitoring and management of mercury, reduce the use and emission of mercury, earnestly fulfill the requirements of the Convention, and actively promote the research, development and demonstration of mercury-free catalysts to reduce mercury use from the source.

Views were exchanged between the research group and relevant responsible staff of the Environmental Protection Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Environmental Protection Departments of relevant cities during this period. Secretary Li Yuan stressed the supervision responsibility assumed by related local administrative departments for environmental protection to ensure a sound fulfillment of the tasks and objectives of convention implementation. In order to promote convention implementation, it has been agreed that a business training and experience exchange meeting on the highly efficient use of low mercury catalyst will be organized by FECO in VCM production enterprises in Inner Mongolia by the end of 2018, so as to share experience in the whole industry and to improve the strict use and management of low mercury catalyst in enterprises.


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