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UNIDO and FECO jointly develop emergency medical waste disposal project to fight COVID-19
Date: 02-25-2020

  Medical waste disposal in the epidemic area is the core work of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China. UNIDO and FECO have successfully implemented a project titled Environmentally Sustainable Management of Medical Wastes in China together. Based on the achievements and experience of the completed project, the two sides have urgently developed the Emergency Response Assistance to the Outbreak of COVID-19 in China project (the emergency project) to support the fight against the outbreak of COVID-19 and reduce effectively the risk of infection spread from medical waste.


  As a co-executing agency of the project, FECO will provide medical waste emergency treatment equipment, coordinate on-site services to dispose of medical waste in response to epidemic situations, and strengthen personal protection and promote awareness of front-line workers in close contact with medical waste in the epidemic area, with a total grant of $300,000. This project aims to increase the capacity of medical waste emergency treatment in the epidemic area of Hubei Province applying mobile high-temperature steam process by up to 1.8 tons per day, contribute to solving the problem of insufficient capacity to transfer and dispose of medical waste, and alleviate the pressure due to the shortage of turnover boxes of medical waste and personal protective equipment in the epidemic area.

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