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Workshop on the 2019 Statistical Work of Fluorine-containing Gas and the Current Situation of the Fluorine Chemical Sector
Date: 11-17-2020

  On November 6, 2020, the Workshop on the 2019 Statistical Work of Fluorine-containing Gas and the Current Situation of the Fluorine Chemical Sector was held in Beijing. The Workshop was hosted by the Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (FECO/MEE). Representatives from the Atmospheric Environment Department and Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), Raw Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, relevant provincial Ecology and Environment Departments, China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry (CAFSI) and 45 HFCs production enterprises attended the workshop.


  Ms. Li Pei, deputy director general of the Atmospheric Environment Department of MEE, proposed that the industry should deeply understand the significance of HFCs reduction under the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. The HFCs reduction is not only to implement the obligations of international conventions, but also to make a great contribution to fulfill the country's commitment to the world. The industry should take a positive view on the challenges and opportunities of HFCs reduction in China, turn difficulties into opportunities, follow the trend, and transform quantity advantage into quality and competitive advantage. MEE will further strengthen the communication with relevant departments to promote the timely approval of the Kigali Amendment and closely cooperate with sectors to speed up the research on the controlling policy system of HFCs production, sales and use, and to formulate and promulgate the management and controlling policies on HFCs projects as soon as possible. MEE will also accelerate the improvement of statistical working mechanism on fluorine-containing gas, and gradually explore how to integrate HFCs production sector into the national ozone-depleting substances information management system.


  Ms. Zhou Guomei, executive director general of FECO/MEE, pointed out that, as a responsible developing-country, China has always attached great importance to the protocol implementation and achieved the phase-out target of controlled substances at each stage on schedule. In the future, China will further improve the whole process management of controlled substances and work closely with sectors to jointly promote HFCs reduction.


  The workshop also introduced controlling requirements of Kigali Amendment, statistical scheme and requirements of fluorine-containing gas, and the current situation of fluorocarbon chemical sector in China. The participants exchanged views on the development trend of the sector, the needs of relevant policies and suggestions for the next step.

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