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Summary of the Accountability and Grievance mechanism

The Accountability and Grievance mechanism of FECO is established to respond to complaints related to the implementation of the GEF/GCF projects. The objective of the mechanism is to provide people or communities fearing or suffering adverse impacts from a project with the assurance that they will be heard and assisted in a timely manner, and to secure FECO both as an implementing agency and an executing agency and the GEF/GCF project executing agencies compliance with FECO′s Environmental and Social Safeguards Policy, and other policies and principles in the project cycle.
“Accountability and Grievance Mechanism of FECO” consists of nine chapters: introduction; statement of principles; eligibility; procedure; storing, tracking and disclosing complaints; accessibility and advertising of the mechanism; non-retaliation; handling accountability; and review of handling. According to “Accountability and Grievance Mechanism of FECO”, the accountability and grievance mechanism is set in the Discipline Inspection Office of FECO, separate from all the other divisions in FECO that potentially implement and/or execute GEF/GCF funding. FECO has designated a Grievance Focal Point, special staff of the Discipline Inspection Office, who is responsible for receive and deal with all complaints. While FECO highly encourage stakeholders to leave at least one method of contact so that related resolution could be provided, anonymous feedback or complaints is also acceptable and will be deal with by FECO.
When receiving complaints, the grievance mechanism will be triggered. The grievance focal point is responsible for acceptance, registration and classification of complaints. Safeguard issues will be handled with by the safeguard coordinator with the safeguard team. The safeguard coordinator will conduct investigations, draft the investigation report and report to the grievance focal point. The Grievance Focal Point will review the report and contact with the complainants to make sure that a consensus has been reached. The final report will be officially approved by the Director General (or Steering Committee when DG considered it necessary). The Grievance Focal Point is responsible for the storing, tracking and disclosing of complaints.

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