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Notice on Soliciting International Cases of Soil Pollution Prevention and Control
Date: 04-14-2017

All relevant units,

To boost the implementation of the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution in China, the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO), directly affiliated to Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China, is soliciting cases of international soil pollution prevention and control (the scope of solicitation is given in Annex 1). All the relevant units are welcome to engage in this solicitation.

The cases selected out will be displayed on the online portal of 3iPET (http://www.3ipet.cn), as references for international cooperation in soil pollution prevention and control. The units whose cases are selected out are entitled to publish the book of “International Cases of Soil Pollution Prevention and Control” jointly with FECO, and will be invited to join 3iPET activities at home and abroad on a priority basis. Please refer to the official website of 3iPET for more information. For those interested in this solicitation, please submit the cases (the outline of the case is given in Annex 2) to International Center for Environmental Technology by 15th June, 2017, FECO.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Contact Information:

International Center for Environmental Technology, FECO
Ms. Wang Ran
Tel: +86-10-82268652
E-mail: espintern@126.com


Foreign Economic Cooperation Office,
Ministry of Environmental Protection
April 7, 2017

Annex 1 Scope of Typical Case.docx

Annex 2 Outline of Typical Case.docx
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