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PMO Recruitment
Date: 11-13-2014
The Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) is an institution affiliated to Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. It is mandated to coordinate and manage the funds of projects in cooperation with international financial organizations and for implementation of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and bilateral assistances, as well as other foreign cooperation activities in the field of environmental protection.

In September 2014, FECO started to implement a new GEF/UNDP project with the title of ” GEF Payment for Watershed Services (PWS) in the Chishui River Basin for the Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity”. The purpose of this project is to operationalize a replicable PWS scheme in the Chishui River Basin to stimulate land and natural resource use systems that conserve biodiversity and sustain ecosystem processes.

One project manager (PM) and one project assistant (PA) will be recruited for the project PMO daily operation. More detail descriptions about the two positions could be found from the Terms of Reference (TOR) attached as Annexes

We kindly request the person whom might interest in these two positions to submit their CV title of “Application for GEF-PWS PM” or “Application for GEF-PWS PA” on or before 17th November, 2014, COB local (Beijing) time to the email address below:
YAN Wei (Ms.)
Email: yan.wei@mepfeco.org.cn
If you have any questions about the recruited positions, please contact with the following:
WAN Xialin(Ms.)
Tel: +86-010-82268761
Email: wan.xialin@mepfeco.org.cn
GEF PMO recruitment PM英文TOR.docx

GEF PMO recruitment PA 英文TOR.docx
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